Szakács Éva

I was born on 25. May, 1963. in Kapuvár.
I learnt painting from Árpád Szarka, György Mészáros and János Szurcsik.
I studied at Teacher's Training College in Szombathely and gaduated in education of maths and drawing.

I have been working as a painter since 1992. and I have taken part regularly in exhibitions.

My paintings can be found in many countries: Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, Spain and Finland.

I won the first prize on the national competition of fine arts, category of painting (Veszprém, Gizella-days, 1997.)
and on Weber-Terranova painting competition (Tata, Angels and Fairy Gallery, 2008.).

If You are interested in my paintings, send me an e-mail please.