Still life

Still life is a classic theme for painters. It is easily accessible by the audience with its benevolence and intimate atmosphere. The contrast of glittering surfaces and loose, colourful bunch of flowers can be an exciting task for a painter.


Poppy (oil, canvas)
Poppy (oil, canvas)
40 x 28 cm - Whitout frame
55.000 HUF - 183 EUR
Flowers (oil)
Flowers (oil)
40 x 40 cm - Whitout frame
60.000 HUF - 200 EUR
Reflection (oil)
Reflection (oil)
50 x 50 cm - Whitout frame
85.000 HUF - 283 EUR
Flowers in a yellow vase
Flowers in a yellow vase
50 x 40 cm - Whitout frame
75.000 HUF - 250 EUR


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People about me…

“The artistess made my visit to the St. Andrews Botanic Garden, a decisive experience in my life, an eternal memory in the form of a beautiful oil painting. It was an honourable feeling that she accepted my request with pleasure and she painted it in a short time. The result speaks for itself. It was one of my best decisions in my life.”

Zsolt Pálfi

“First I could not choose between two paintings. Gradually, as I was observing the painting more closely I realized that it show exactly what I think about relationships. A woman arrives to a strong, charismatic and intelligent man. She fits in his arms. The painting expresses this moment so powerfully that the vivid colours are just the whipped cream on a sundae.”

Gabriella Kiss

“I got to know Éva Szakács’s work from her former website. Looking through her paintings I got to like her style and I ordered a painting from her. I sent her one of my favourite photos as a topic. She did not make a copy of it but translated it to the language of painting. She worked very thoroughly. We had talked over the topic in detail so that she can feel the essence of the message. She sent me the finished painting emphasizing that I am not obliged to buy it. I loved it. We talked about the frame too. Even about the surrounding the painting will be placed. Thank you Eva.”

Dr Zoltán Lakatos

“We discussed the paintings together with the artistess so that they match the atmosphere and colours of our home. These paintings are the jewels of our house.”

Viktória Paray