My audience and customers are interested in some behind the scene secrets. I’m trying to remember the most common ones...


Is it true that you do not use a brush for painting?

It is true, I rarely use a brush. The painting knife preserves the power of the colours better, they do not mix so quickly as on the many threads of a brush.


How long do you work on a painting?

It is impossible to answer this question precisely. Where does work begin? All those weaker paintings that I have to paint so that the final version can be as it is, are part of the process …. Do those sleepless nights count when I am wondering how the painting should be? Or the time when I am looking for themes? When I purchase tools and material? If only the time counts when I am actually standing in front of the easel then it is relatively short. I can paint a good painting if I work dashingly, when the essence of the painting is finished before I get tired. If I am in good shape then I usually work on an average sized painting for a few days, but sometimes I put it away for weeks or even months and let it grow within me. Furthermore, the painting might only need to dry for a while so that it can be as I wish it to be later… And there are more complicated themes and bigger sizes…


Do you go on the spot and paint there?

No, it is not common. Although it happened during a competition in Tata, but it is not the usual process. When I am enchanted by a location then I would like to take it home in plain view. Together with the lights, shadows, smells, colours, water and birdsong. All of it. It seem impossible, but it is not. A lot of pictures, already composed in the time of exposure, can help a lot in bringing back the memories while standing in front of the easel. Just like when reliving the experiences of a holiday by looking at the photos you took there and the pictures just tell and tell about how good it was…

Furthermore, there are the pieces of art which begin not with the sight but from within. Something that you cannot express by words, or at least I can’t. Then it becomes a painting. It happens that it is about something else than it depicts, if it depict anything at all. Such a picture evokes personal associations in the audience and it is the best thing that can happen to a painting.


A small detail

The main element of my paintings awarded in the competition of Veszprém was a vaulted gate from the castle. In the competition of Tata I won first prize with a painting which had a sunlit vaulted gate of an old house as its theme. The first painting I sold about Győr had a vaulted gate of a cosy alley as its main topic. On one of my favourite paintings there is a line of vaulted gates… (and my birthplace is Kapuvár (Gatecastle in mirror translation))


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People about me…

“The artistess made my visit to the St. Andrews Botanic Garden, a decisive experience in my life, an eternal memory in the form of a beautiful oil painting. It was an honourable feeling that she accepted my request with pleasure and she painted it in a short time. The result speaks for itself. It was one of my best decisions in my life.”

Zsolt Pálfi

“First I could not choose between two paintings. Gradually, as I was observing the painting more closely I realized that it show exactly what I think about relationships. A woman arrives to a strong, charismatic and intelligent man. She fits in his arms. The painting expresses this moment so powerfully that the vivid colours are just the whipped cream on a sundae.”

Gabriella Kiss

“I got to know Éva Szakács’s work from her former website. Looking through her paintings I got to like her style and I ordered a painting from her. I sent her one of my favourite photos as a topic. She did not make a copy of it but translated it to the language of painting. She worked very thoroughly. We had talked over the topic in detail so that she can feel the essence of the message. She sent me the finished painting emphasizing that I am not obliged to buy it. I loved it. We talked about the frame too. Even about the surrounding the painting will be placed. Thank you Eva.”

Dr Zoltán Lakatos

“We discussed the paintings together with the artistess so that they match the atmosphere and colours of our home. These paintings are the jewels of our house.”

Viktória Paray