My most important aim is the contentment of my customers. The paintings tagged with a price are available for purchase. The price usually does not include the frame, but I can offer one if it is required. It can happen that a frame in the demanded size is out of stock. In such cases I can order one which will be available in a few weeks time

The most ideal case is to meet in person. I kindly invite you to see the paintings, even the still drying ones, on a prearranged appointment.

There are pictures that mean a bit more to me than others. These are not tagged with a prize, however, if you think so, you can place a bid on them.



It can happen that the picture you require is not the right size, or it is already sold. In such cases I offer you the following. We discuss the required size, you choose some topics that you like the most. If I get what touched you in my previous work then I will paint two or three new paintings in the agreed size and you can choose one from the finished paintings. I do not guarantee that I can reproduce any of my earlier paintings but I believe you will like my new ones as well. In such a case I need a certain amount of time but you have no obligation. No deposit is needed and you are not obliged to buy anything.

If you would like to order something unique then I will intend to understand what you want and why you have consulted me. If I accept the task and we agree on the prize, I will not ask for a deposit.

This way both of us preserves the freedom of choice. If you do not like the final painting, we will discuss what the problem is and I will probably start again. Since my aim is to please my customers....

I will not copy other painters’ work, but to understand your ideas better I am happy to accept photos.



If you cannot pick the painting personally then shipping is available as well. In this case the price of packaging and shipping is to meet the customer. You can pay on delivery or by remittance. If you do not like the painting, that is you desist from your purchase, you can send the painting back on your own cost and I will pay the cost of delivery back.

If you want to pick up an oversized painting personally it might happen that, depending on your address, I delivery it to you due to the size and the safety of the painting.



The most important thing to discuss is the amount of money you wish to invest in the gift and the date you require it for. After this I intent to give you a great variety from which you can choose. If for any reason the person you gave the painting is not satisfied there is an opportunity to change the painting for another that is in the same price range.


Gifting tips

Wedding- a carefully chosen location could be a perfect theme for a painting

Farewell from a colleague- if the workplace was in a peculiar building then it is easy to find a theme, however, you can find interesting and cosy places full of memories in a less distinctive location

Men- a hobby or a special achievement that everyone is proud of. The homeland or the house of one’s parents on a painting can make even a man shed some tears.

Children- buy them paint, tools and surface fro drawing. They are brave to create.

Ladies- this is the easiest task. They like making their surroundings more beautiful and they always have ideas. You can show them pictures of some paintings and see their reaction....


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People about me…

“The artistess made my visit to the St. Andrews Botanic Garden, a decisive experience in my life, an eternal memory in the form of a beautiful oil painting. It was an honourable feeling that she accepted my request with pleasure and she painted it in a short time. The result speaks for itself. It was one of my best decisions in my life.”

Zsolt Pálfi

“First I could not choose between two paintings. Gradually, as I was observing the painting more closely I realized that it show exactly what I think about relationships. A woman arrives to a strong, charismatic and intelligent man. She fits in his arms. The painting expresses this moment so powerfully that the vivid colours are just the whipped cream on a sundae.”

Gabriella Kiss

“I got to know Éva Szakács’s work from her former website. Looking through her paintings I got to like her style and I ordered a painting from her. I sent her one of my favourite photos as a topic. She did not make a copy of it but translated it to the language of painting. She worked very thoroughly. We had talked over the topic in detail so that she can feel the essence of the message. She sent me the finished painting emphasizing that I am not obliged to buy it. I loved it. We talked about the frame too. Even about the surrounding the painting will be placed. Thank you Eva.”

Dr Zoltán Lakatos

“We discussed the paintings together with the artistess so that they match the atmosphere and colours of our home. These paintings are the jewels of our house.”

Viktória Paray